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Global Health Petitions

  • For Study Abroad Pre-Approval: submit requests here.

  • For courses accepted by petition (*) or courses that have already been pre-approved:

    Courses that are accepted “by petition”, indicated with an asterisk (*) will not automatically show up on your degree audit. Send a message through the VAC requesting the following:

     "Please accept _____________, a Global Health Pre-Approved Course, towards _______________ requirements for my Global Health ___________ (Major/Minor)." *If you received pre-approval for the course, please specify when.

  • All other requests can be submitted using the online form below or for any petitions that require additional approval from the college or senate, students must submit a paper undergraduate petition.

This online petition form is only to be used for requests related to your Global Health major/minor requirements.

It can be used for the following requests:

  • Receive pre-approval for a transfer or UCSD courses to apply towards the Global Health Major/Minor. 
  • Petition for a one-time exception related to your Global Health Major/Minor.
  • Petition to use a Global Health course accepted by petition towards your degree requirements.
    • (Ex: Count ANTH 2, a pre-approved course towards my Global Health major biological elective requirement)
  • Petition to count a pre-approved study abroad, transfer or UCSD course towards global health degree requirements (upon completion and once reflected on your UCSD academic history). 
For additional questions on how to transfer coursework, visit the admissions page here.