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Student Advisory Committee

The Undergraduate Student Advisory Committee is charged to advise the Global Health Program on issues related to undergraduate education, including but not limited to courses, curriculum, instruction, student involvement opportunities, research opportunities and student programs.


  • Kishan Dave

    Kishan Dave

    Kishan ('20) is a Global Health major.

    What Global Health Issues are you passionate about? I am really interested in Mental Health, both on the neurobiological side and the health policy side.

    Field Experience: To be determined...

    Random Fun Fact: I was born and raised in New Jersey!

  • Sara Hwang

    Sara Hwang

    Sara ('20) is a Global Health Major with a minor in Sociology-Science & Medicine.

    What Global Health Issues are you passionate about? I am interested in women’s and sexual health, along with how the field of Sociology interacts with the wide spectrum of issues that are discussed within Global Health. I am also interested in the field of epidemiology.

    Field Experience: To be determined...

    Random Fun Fact: I collect salt & pepper shakers!

  • Isabela Ibarra

    Isabela Ibarra

    Isabela ('21) is a Global Health Major with a minor in History.

    What Global Health Issues are you passionate about? I am interested in Maternal and Child Health, and Preventing Gender-Based Violence.

    Field Experience: To be determined...

    Random Fun Fact: I lived in Germany for 3 years and I speak German!

  • Caitlin Shin

    Caitlin Shin

    Caitlin ('21) is a Global Health Major with a minor in General Biology.

    What Global Health Issues are you passionate about? I am interested in Non-communicable Diseases, Superbugs, Global Health Policy, and Health Equity.

    Field Experience: I am currently fulfilling my field experience by volunteering at UCSD Health and volunteering at various locations in San Diego through the Asian Pacific Health Foundation.

    Hobbies: Collecting stationery, trying out new foods, napping, and finding bargains!

  • Christine Wenzel

    Christine Wenzel

    Christine ('21) is a Global Health major with a minor in Music.

    What Global Health Issues are you passionate about? Currently I'm interested in women's health and empowerment along with refugee health. In terms of a career, I'm interested in working for a non-profit organization or in the policy sphere designing and implementing interventions.

    Field Experience: As part of the Break Away Global Service (BAGS) organization in ERC, I traveled to San Ignacio, Belize to work on the construction of a transitional foster care home. Once the home is completed, it will serve as a safe space for young women ages 16-21 who are finishing higher education or vocational training.

    Random Fun Fact: I have a collection of over 600 pencils from around the world! I've been collecting since I was 5 years old!

  • What it means to be a Student Rep

    1.      Must be a UC San Diego undergraduate
    2.      Must be a UC Global Health Major or Minor (declared or plan to be)
    3.      Must have 2.5 GPA
    4.      Preferred 2 Year Term (or longer)

    Goals of the GHP Student Reps:
    •       Promote Global Health Program and activities on campus
    •       Enhance the Global Health Community at UC San Diego
    •       Improve access and opportunities for Global Health Students
    •       Connect with Global Health Student Body

    We meet 1-2 times per quarter and represent the Global Health programs at events such as Triton Day and Welcome Week! We also work on Global Health spotlights for the blog and are involved in program event planning.

    Interested in becoming a Global Health Program Advisory Committee Member?
    Student Rep applications reopen in the Spring. Please check back for information about the application and information sessions at the beginning of Spring quarter!

Graduated GHP Reps


  • Michelle Bulterys

    Michelle Bulterys

     Michelle Bulterys is currently a researcher at Stanford Medicine.

  • Jarrod Ekengren

    Jarrod Ekengren

    Jarrod Ekengren attended Colombia School of Public Health in Fall 2016 and received his Masters in Public Health.


  • Emma Jackson

    Emma Jackson

    Emma graduated with a Global Health Major and Biological Anthropology Minor with a passion for adventure, whether it be swimming in the ocean, hiking, stand up paddle boarding, watching the sunset or traveling the world. She is passionate about Maternal/Child Health, Mental Health, and the Socio-anthropological perspective on the health of diverse populations. Emma is currently attending Emory University and willl receive a Master’s in Public Health in Global Health with a focus in sexual and reproductive health.


  • Ashley Emuka

    Ashley Emuka

    Ashley graduated with a Global Health Major and International Studies Minor.  Ashley likes to blog and tweet about the latest social justice issues. Ashley is passionate about International health law and health disparities affecting marginalized communities. During the summer of 2015 Ashley went on an Alternative Breaks trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia where she undertook direct service by caring for children with disabilities and underprivileged youth.

  • Yazmin Tenorio

    Yazmin Tenorio

    Yazmin graduated with a Global Health and Physiology & Neuroscience Double Major. When she is not head first in a book she enjoys surfing, boxing, running and traveling! Yazmin is most passionate about Mental Health, Refugee & Immigrant Health, Food Insecurity, and Water Safety. During the summer of 2015 she went with UCSD Global Seminars to Amman, Jordan to complete her field experience.


  • Kristiana Cuevas

    Kristiana Cuevas

    Kristiana graduated with a Global Health Major and Urban Studies and Planning Minor. Kristiana is currently working as a Planning Assistant for a Bay Area urban planning firm that specializes in creating and enhancing trails for hikers, runners, bikers, and equestrians. She merges her love for fitness, health, and urban planning into her work. She plans to apply to graduate school for urban planning while specializing in environmental health..

  • Anahi Ibarra

    Anahi Ibarra

    Anahi graduated with a major in Biochemistry and Cell Biology and a minor in Global Health. She is most passionate about medicine in underserved areas, and she studied abroad in Thailand and Cambodia during her time at UCSD. Anahi is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health at UCSD.

  • Alice Lu

    Alice Lu

    Alice graduated with a double major in Human BIology and Global Health. Alice is most passionate about mental health, epidemics, healthcare in conflict zones, and preventative education and policy. She is currently attending Northwestern University - Pritzker School of Law to pursue an MSc in Law. 


  • Cortni Bardier

    Cortni Bardier

    Cortni graduated with a Global Health Major and Communication minor, and is most passionate about epidemiology, infectious disease control, health policy, and equitable access to health care education and prevention. While at UCSD Cortni completed her field experience through the SHA Program, which is a volunteer peer health education program that educates students about health issues and concerns through educational workshops, events, and campaigns. She is currently a student in the first MA in Global Health cohort at UCSD!

  • Anh Vo

    Anh Vo

    Anh will be graduating in 2020 with a double major in Global Health and Public Health, and a minor in Science, Technology and Society. Anh is passionate about incorporating studies towards pragmatic health policies and solving health issues. More importantly, she ultimately looks forward to contributing to leveling health disparities and serving marginalized groups, as well as generally approaching global health through a social justice perspective. 



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