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Fall 2022 Conversations in Global Health: Global Health and Reproductive Rights

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THANK YOU to all of our panel speakers, tabling organizations, UC San Diego Students for Global Health student org representatives, GHP staff and The Global Forum at I-House for helping create such a successful Fall 2022 Conversations in Global Health!

For those that missed the event, you can access the recording below. We hope to see you at the next panel discussion in Winter 2023!


Thank you for attending the 2022 Horizons of Global Health Research Symposium!

Horizons Event Brochure

If you missed our live event, you can view the event webinar recording here:



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Quarterly Conversations in Global Health Banner

The UC San Diego Global Health Program, Students for Global Health and the Global Forum are proud to bring you the Quarterly Conversations series, an opportunity for the Global Health community to come together to discuss relevant issues in the field from an interdisciplinary perspective and increase community interaction at UC San Diego. For more information about past and upcoming Quarterly Conversations in Global Health, see the Global Health Blog.


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Event to highlight the many opportunities to get involved to fulfill the Global Health Field Experience Requirement. Meet with student organizations, community organizations, study abroad partners and more! For more information, see the Field Experience Expo page.



Horizons of Global Health Research Symposium Banner

UC San Diego’s Annual Horizons of Global Health Research Conference is a unique opportunity for students in all academic fields to present their research about the diversity of global health work around the world. Faculty and students from across campus are invited to participate and contribute to building the UC San Diego global health community. The conference features undergraduate research and a keynote speaker. This event celebrates the end of the academic year and the success of our graduates. For more information about the event, see the Horizons Research Symposium page.



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Fall 2022

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Winter 2023

Check here closer to Winter 2023 for updated dates and times!

On Campus Events 

  • Latinx/Chicanx in Global Health | TBA
  • Latinx/Chicanx in Global Health Mentorship Info Session | TBA
  • Triton Winter Career Fair | TBA
  • Students for Global Health GBM #1 | TBA
  • American Mock World Health Organization GBM | TBA
  • Quarterly Conversations in Global Health | TBA
  • Office Hours with the GHP Reps | TBA
  • Office Hours with the GHP Reps #2 | TBA
  • Minor to Major Webinar | TBA
  • Students for Global Health GBM #3 | TBA

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Spring 2023

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On Campus Events 

Off Campus Events

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Past Conferences

A Challenge to Dignity


A Challenge to Dignity Conference, hosted in October 2021, brought together refugee health professionals working to advance refugee health all over the globe with a wide range of forcibly displaced populations for two days of presentations. The conference promoted discussions on a variety of refugee and asylum seeker health factors. Speakers and participants, in person and virtually, had the opportunity to compare notes and ask questions after each presentation. 




Individual Presentations

  • Understanding the Health of Asylum Seekers, Refugees, and Migrants Through the Lens of Student Interns at a Student-Run Free Clinic on the US-Mexico Border (Jose Burgos and Victoria Ojeda)
  • Pathways Towards Medical Licensure for Refugee and Asylee International Medical Graduates Living in the US (Lillian Walkover and Susan Bell)
  • An Ethnography of Care: Physicians and Asylum Seekers on the US-Mexico Border (Thomas CsordasBrenda Wilson, and Alexis Burnstan)
  • Global Health is also Investing in Political Change of the Systems that Drive the Harms we are made to Chase (Dona Murphey)
  • Models of Inclusive Programming: Resilience Humanitarianism, Social Entrepreneurship, and Social Justice (Catherine Panter-Brick)
  • New Horizons of Refugee Health and Wellbeing: Promoting Dignity Through Partnerhship and Social Inclusion (Charles Watters)
  • Affective Acts of Welcome: Volunteer Solidarians and US Asylum Seeker Resettlement (Kristin Yarris)
  • Refugee Collaboration and Self-Determination in San Diego (Christiane Assefa and Andrew Blank)
  • Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies in Migrant Populations in Tijuana (Ietza BojorquezJaime Sepulveda, and Steffanie Strathdee
  • Infectious and Chronic Illness among Refugees and Asylum Seekers (Christine Murto)
  • Asylum Seekers at the Southern Border: The Effects of Federal Policies on Physical and Mental Health (Linda Hill)
  • Nowhere Near Enough: Deadly Labor in a Congolese Refugee Camp (Emily Lynch)
  • America's Wars and Iraqis' Lives: Toxic Legacies, Reproductive Vulnerabilities, and Regimes of Exclusion in the United States (Marcia Inhorn)
  • Refugee Reproductive Health: A Comparative Ethnography of Syrians' Experiences at Sites of First-Asylum Resettlement (Morgen Chalmiers)
  • Arab Refugees Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Domestic Violence: A Legal and Public Health Challenge (Maysa Hamza and Patrick Marius Koga)
  • Family-Based Mental Health Promotion for Somali Bantu and Bhutanese Refugees Resettled in the US: Results of and Implementation/Effectiveness Randomized Controlled Trial (Theresa Betancourt)
  • The Use of Waiting as a Detterrent to Migration, and Its Effect on the Well-being of Asylum Seekers (Olga Odgers Ortiz and Olga Olivas Hernandez
  • Trauma Loops: US Immigration Detention and Reverse Causality in PTSD (Hans Reihling)
  • Refugees on the Move: Health Along the Migratory Route Between Syria and California (Tala Al-Rousan)
  • “I’m Afraid I’ll Die before I See You Again”: Bureaucratic Violence and Ambiguous Loss among Refugees in the US (Bridget Haas)
  • Adapting to Mass Trauma and Displacement: Testing and Implementing the Adapt Model (Derrick Silove)
  • Does Humanitarian Mental Health Care Amount to Epistemic Violence or Is It a Matter of Saving Lives and Addressing Social Injustice? (Peter Ventevogel)