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Global Health Grad Special Studies Courses

Global Health students may engage in research or an internship on a topic of their choice for course credit, under the guidance of a Global Health affiliated faculty member of their choice. The project should be carefully planned with the faculty advisor and be focused on a global health issue or topic. 

Global Health Students who are taking this course to fulfill elective credits must take the course for a LETTER GRADE.

Submission of an application does not guarantee approval. Deadlines are strictly enforced. 

  • Deadline: Students must have all materials submitted by Friday of week 1 of the quarter they plan to enroll.


  1. Identify an internship or research opportunity.
  2. Identify a faculty advisor to work with.
  3. Complete Application Process (see steps below).
    1.  If completing an internship: track hours (100 hours required, must be completed during the quarter enrolled).
  4. Upon completion students are expected to submit a 10-page research paper or project to their faculty advisor.

Steps to Enroll:

Decide which section you should enroll in:

  • GLBH 297. Global Health Internship (4) - Offers Global Health MA students the opportunity to intern and gain credit for their global health field work. Students will intern and work with a faculty advisor to elaborate on the intellectual analysis and critique of the field experience.
  • GLBH 298. Directed Study (4) - Supervised study and readings of topics in Global Health literature.
  • GLBH 299. Independent Study (4) - an independent study that gives students enrolled in the Master of Arts in Global Health the opportunity to work closely with a faculty adviser to prepare a publishable masters project based on their undergraduate senior thesis or project agreed upon with faculty adviser.

Identify Research or Internship Opportunity

Use one of the following resources to identify an internship opportunity: 

Identify a Faculty Member

Choose a faculty advisor whose area of interest and research covers the topic that you want to pursue.  Professors are not always available in a particular quarter so you may want to have more than one professor in mind that you would like to work with.

Students may work with a Global Health affiliated faculty member or seek pre-approval to work with a non-affiliated UC San Diego Faculty member.

  • Faculty sponsor/instructor must have a UCSD faculty titleIf the mentor is not from UCSD s/he has to be from an appropriately accredited institution.

When meeting with potential faculty instructors, it is important to discuss the nature of the project, frequency of contact, prerequisite knowledge needed, and the means of evaluation with the faculty instructor prior to enrollment in this course.

Can I work with a faculty member not on this list?

  • If there is a mentor who is not part of our affiliated faculty that a student would like to work with please submit the following information to to get approval:
    • Proposal: Professor title, info, contact, website, reason you would like to work with the professor and what you plan on working on for your experience.
    • Students seeking academic credit for an off-campus internship/research experience should consult with the Academic Internship Program for options.

Complete Application Process

Internships (GLBH 297):

If found through AIP database: Submit learning agreement though AIP's Internlink.

For Independent Research working with a faculty member (GLBH 298 or 299):

Meet with the faculty member you plan to work with to discuss the terms of your independent research and come to an agreement of the work that will be completed. 

You will need the following information to submit your request:

  • the nature of the project
  • frequency of contact
  • prerequisite knowledge needed
  • Means of evaluation (10 page paper required or equivalent assignment)

Complete the Easy Special Studies Request form

A message will be sent to your UC San Diego email once you have been approved. 

Complete Requirements

At the end of the quarter, you will submit a 10-page Research Paper or Project to your faculty advisor.

Your faculty advisor will then assign you a grade at the end of the quarter (you may want to send them a reminder during week 10 or finals week).

You do not need to submit a copy of your final paper to the Global Health Program office. 

Students in GLBH 197 will need to complete AIP's guidelines.