Online Course Petition Request Form

This online petition form is only to be used for requests related to your Global Health major/minor requirements only.

It can be used for the following requests:

  • Petition to use a Global Health course accepted by petition towards your degree requirements
    • (Ex: Count ANTH 2, a pre-approved course towards my Global Health major biological elective requirement)
  • Petition to count a transfer course towards your major or minor requirements
  • Petition to count a pre-approved study abroad course (upon return from Study Abroad) towards degree requirement
  • Receive pre-approval for a transfer or UCSD courses to apply towards the Global Health Major/Minor 
  • Petition for one time exception related to the Global Health Major/Minor
  • Submit Study Abroad Pre-Approval Requests here

 Any petitions that require additional approval from the college or senate must be submitted as a paper undergraduate petition.