Current Course Offerings

Please note the following are tentative and may be changed or revised at any time. Check with the UC San Diego Department offering the course for the most accurate information.

Students are encouraged to complete the lower and upper division core courses early in their program, since these courses will provide a foundation to enhance subsequent course work. 

Quarterly Deadlines

  • Week 2 - Deadline for students to add classes
  • Week 4 - Deadline to drop a class without a W grade, change grading options or units
  • Week 9 - Deadline to drop without F grade

2017-18 Course Offering Spreadsheets

Winter 2018 Course Offerings
Spring 2018 Course Offerings Tentative Annual Schedule for 2017-18

Tentative   Summer 2018

Major Major  Major Major
Minor Minor  Minor Minor

2017-18 Tentative Core Course Offerings

Fall 2017
Winter 2018
Spring 2018

Lower Division Core

(HILD 30 or GLBH 20 requirement)

HILD 30. History of Public Health (Gonaver)
HILD 30. History of Public Health (Edington)
GLBH 20. Introduction to Global Health (fulfills HILD 30 reqt - Saravia, Paula)
GLBH 20. Introduction to Global Health (fulfills HILD 30 reqt - Staff)

Upper Division Core Courses 

GLBH 148. Global Health & Cultural Diversity (Saravia, Paula)
MGT 173. Project Management in the Health Services (Fuller)
GLBH 148. Global Health & Cultural Diversity (Kang, Dredge)
MGT 173. Project Management in the Health Services (Fuller)
GLBH 181. Essentials of Global Health (Pitpitan)

GLBH 150A & B  (Global Health Seniors only)

GLBH 150A. Global Health Capstone Seminar I GLBH 150B. Global Health Capstone Seminar II

Global Health Electives

(New Courses)

GLBH 160. Global Health Policy (New Policy Analysis course) GLBH 100. Special Topics in Global Health: Demography and Social Networks in Global Health *GLBH 113. Women's Health in Global Perspective

Summer Session Information can be found here. 

Course Pre-Authorization Request

Students with lower division standing who would like to take an upper division course, please submit a course pre-authorization request here.

Tips for Searching the Schedule of Classes

When searching for classes in the schedule, look for your classes by "CODE".If you look at the first search page of the schedule, "By Code(s)" is the third tab under "find courses." Select this tab.In this section, you can then just type in the exact courses you are interested in searching for (ANSC 148, HILD 30, ANSC 101) and press search.


On the next page, scroll down and a long list of all the courses you’re searching for will appear in one search.

Previous Course Offerings

2017-18 Offerings:

2016-17 Offerings:

2015-16 Offerings:


*Regarding courses accepted by petition

If you are taking a course that is offered “by petition” it will not automatically show up your degree audit.

You will need to do one of the following:

Submit Online Petition Request or

Send a message in the Virtual Advising Center asking for the following:

"Please accept _____________, a Global Health Pre-Approved Course, towards _______________ requirements for my Global Health ___________ (Major/Minor)."