Global Health Study Abroad Requirements

Global Health students may study abroad while earning academic credit, however it is not required for the major or minor. Students can also participate in Pre-approved Study Abroad Programs to fulfill the Global Health Field Experience Requirement.

All courses applied towards Global Health requirements must be taken for a letter grade of C- or better and be at least 4.0 units. 

  • A maximum of six courses may be petitioned for credit toward the major.
  • A maximum of two courses may be petitioned for credit toward the minor.

Study Abroad Options





*Study Abroad programs used to fulfill the Field Experience requirement must have a field work component. Not all study abroad opportunities will fulfill this requirement.

Students should request pre-approval for courses not listed below. Upon return and once the grades appear on your academic transcript, please submit a petition request to have the courses fulfill Global Health requirements. 

Getting Started


Resources for finding and researching opportunities:

For Study Abroad Advising, including international field experience, visit First Steps to get started or schedule an appointment with Global Health Field Experience Advisors:


When should I begin planning for going abroad?

If you’re planning to Study Abroad, begin planning far in advance. 

Global Health students should not plan to study abroad during Winter and Spring of their senior year, as you will need to enrolled in the senior capstone courses.

Here is the recommended timeline:

 study abroad

Attend the UC San Diego Study Abroad Expo in Fall and the Global Health Field Experience Expo in Spring!

Study Abroad Coursework Pre-Approval

Once you have selected a Study Abroad Program you will want to get pre-approval for coursework you plan to count towards your Global Health requirements.


*Please note, if a course is listed below as pre-approved a pre-approval form is not required. 

If your courses are pre-approved, a note will be stored in your student file. When you return from Study Abroad you will want to wait until the coursework appears on your transcript. Once it does, you can submit a petition to have the coursework officially count towards your degree requirement. See instructions below on submitting a petition.

You will be notified via the Virtual Advising Center once your request has been reviewed (please allow 2 weeks before contacting advisor).

Petition Study Abroad Courses Upon Return

Wait until the course and grade has posted to your academic history. 

Upon completion of the course submit one of the following petitions:

Submit an Online Petition Request or

Submit an Undergraduate Student Petition (paper form)

Include the course # (as it appears on TritonLink), course title, # of units, grade received, quarter/semester the course was taken, the University in which you were enrolled and specify the requirement you want to apply the course toward (e.g. Fulfill Global Health Major Elective Requirement). Please also sign and date the petition.

Submit completed petition(s) & syllabus to the Global Health Advisor (The paper form can be scanned and sent via email ( or dropped off in the GHP Office). 

You will be notified via the Virtual Advising Center once your request has been reviewed (please allow 2 weeks before contacting advisor). 

Scholarship Information

Study Abroad Office Scholarship Finding Tool

The Study Abroad Office has many great resources, including a database on MyPAO that will help you find relevant scholarships for study abroad, including many that are unique to our campus. You can search the database using a number of filters to find those awards that best fit your plans. 

Don't forget to also check out other funding options through the Study Abroad Office.

UCEAP Promise Awards Scholarship:Education abroad is an investment in your academic, professional, and personal future, and UCEAP wants to help you afford this tremendous opportunity. They offer dozens of scholarships—over $1.5 million for 2015-16—for students of all backgrounds and majors, and for all kinds of study abroad programs.

IEE Passport Study Abroad Funding: This website features detailed descriptions of hundreds of study abroad scholarships, fellowships, grants, and paid internships for U.S. undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students, and professionals.

Global Health Institute Field Experience Grant: Up to $2,000 for students who are studying abroad and completing their field experience. Up to $2,000. Applications period announced in Winter Quarter.

UC San Diego College Scholarships

Coursework Abroad

The following courses have been accepted for Global Health Major and Minor requirements. For courses not on the pre-approved list, please submit a Study Abroad Course pre-approval request.
Please note, course numberings may vary on students transcript. Please retain syllabus.

Accepted UCEAP coursework

View Pre-Approved UCEAP Coursework below. To request pre-approval to use a course not shown here towards your Global Health major or minor, submit a course pre-approval request.

Lower division: 1-99 courses, Upper division: 100-199



Accepted Global Seminars

Global Seminars are offered in Summer. Each program is five weeks long, and upon completion, students will receive two course credits for a total of eight quarter units.
  • Applications accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis from November 1 through March 1.
  • Academic credits earned are UC units and will factor in to your UC GPA
  • Note: Not all Global Seminars count towards Field Experience Credit.

Not all Global Seminars are offered every year. Please visit the Global Seminars website to see upcoming programs.

**For programs that fulfill the Global Health Field Experience Requirement: Upon completion and once your grade has been posted, please send a message in the VAC to request to have the Global Seminar fulfill your Field Experience Requirement.

New this year! South East Asia

Global Seminar Course Requirements

Sex and Health in South East Asia (2018) 

Bangkok, Thailand

ANSC 105GS. Global Health and Inequality: Sexual and Reproductive Health in Southeast Asia

ANSC 125GS. Gender, Sexuality, and Society: Sex and Love in Thailand


ANSC 105 fulfills the Medical Social Science/Minor Elective Requirement

ANSC 125 fulfills the Global Processes Elective for Major and no minor requirements.

*Fulfills Field Experience Requirement 



Accepted OAP coursework