Student Advisory Committee

The Undergraduate Student Advisory Committee is charged to advise the Global Health Program on issues related to undergraduate education, including but not limited to courses, curriculum, instruction, student involvement opportunities, research opportunities and student programs.


  • Ashley Emuka

    Ashley Emuka

    Ashley ('17) is a Global Health Major and International Studies Minor, who likes to blog and tweet about the latest social justice issues when she is not strutting around to Beyonce or freaking out over Harry Potter. 

    What Global Health Issues are you passionate about? 

    International health law and health disparities affecting marginalized communities

    Field Experience:

    • Summer 2015 - Alternative Breaks trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia where she undertook direct service by caring for children with disabilities and underprivileged youth.

    Random Fun Fact: "Out of all the household chores, I like vacuuming the most. I'm also obsessed with hot air balloons!"

  • Alice Lu

    Alice Lu

    Alice ('18) is a Human BIology and Global Health Double Major, and the youngest member of the advisory commitee! Alice is also an international student from Canada with a vast array of hobbies including hiking, dancing, aerial skills and discovering new cultures through food and friends.

    What Global Health Issues are you passionate about? Mental health, epidemics, healthcare in conflict zones, and preventative education and policy

    Field Experience: To be determined...

    Random Fun Fact: "I have a stuffed animal keychain (beaver) that I got from a hiking trip back home in Canada when I was young. He even has a maple leaf on his foot! I bring him with me on all of my adventures."

  • Yazmin Tenorio

    Yazmin Tenorio

    Yazmin ('17) is a Global Health and Physiology & Neuroscience Double Major. When she is not head first in a book she enjoys surfing, boxing, running and travelling!

    What Global Health Issues are you passionate about? Mental Health, Refugee & Immigrant Health, Food Insecurity, Water Safety

    Field Experience: Summer 2015 - UCSD Global Seminars in Amman, Jordan

    Random Fun Fact: "I enjoy spontaneous adventures and will sometimes go out of my way just to capture a memorable photo."

  • Anh Vo

    Anh Vo

    Anh ('19) is a Global Health and Public Health Double Major.

    What Global Health Issues are you passionate about? I am very much interested in incorporating studies towards pragmatic health policies and solving health issues. More importantly, I ultimately look forward to contributing to leveling health disparity and serving marginalized groups, as well as generally approaching global health through a social justice perspective. As of now, my focus is exploring health through a critical gender studies perspective.

    Field Experience: To be determined...

    Random Fun Fact: I am desperately in love with diverse, speculative science fiction!

  •  Kristiana Cuevas

    Kristiana Cuevas

    Kristiana ('18) is a Global Health Major.

    What Global Health Issues are you passionate about? Health disparities within underrepresented populations, health and social justice matters, mental health, cultural competency and medical language barriers.

    Field Experience: During Spring Break of 2016, I went on a service immersion trip to Honduras through the Public Health Brigades organization to provide public health infrastructure and information to a designated impoverished community. We educated children, built hygiene stations, interacted with the community members and did so much more to help prevent the causes of disease within the community.

    Random Fun Fact: I absolutely love traveling, but I get motion sickness very easily so most forms of transportation aren't fun for me!

  • Graduated GHP Reps

    See your Global Health Student Reps Around Campus and at Events! Special thank you to all of our previous graduated GHP Reps!

    2014-15: Jarrod Ekengren and Michelle Bulterys  

    Student Services Fair 2014

    (Picture: Brittany Wright (advisor), Jarrod & Michelle, GHP Reps of 2014-15 @ The Student Services Fair!)

    2015-16: Emma Jackson (pictured below on right with Dr. Saravia, participating in the Chile Field School)


    Emma ('16) graduated with a Global Health Major and Biological Anthropology Minor with a passion for adventure, whether it be swimming in the ocean, hiking, stand up paddle boarding, watching the sunset or traveling the world. She is passionate about Maternal/Child Health, Mental Health, Socio-anthropological perspective on the health of diverse populations.

  • What it means to be a Student Rep

    1.      Must be a UC San Diego undergraduate
    2.      Must be a UC Global Health Major or Minor (declared or plan to be)
    3.      Must have 2.5 GPA
    4.      Preferred 2 Year Term (or longer)

    Goals of the GHP Student Reps:
    •       Promote Global Health Program and activities on campus
    •       Enhance the Global Health Community at UC San Diego
    •       Improve access and opportunities for Global Health Students
    •       Connect with Global Health Student Body

    We meet 1-2 times per quarter and represent the Global Health programs at events such as Triton Day and Welcome Week! We also work on Global Health spotlights for the blog and are involved in program event planning.

    Applications are sent out during Spring Quarter for the following academic year.

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Interested in becoming a Global Health Program Advisory Committee Member?

Applications for new reps begin in Spring!