It is increasingly recognized that the best health professionals will have interdisciplinary perspectives, social and cultural acuity (such as in cross-cultural settings) and team-oriented skills. 

The Global Health Program's unique research, writing, and field experience opportunities make both the BA and Minor excellent preparation for advanced training in health professions including; medicine, psychiatry, dentistry, nursing, public health, and pharmacy, as well as graduate training toward the Ph.D. and research or teaching careers in health sciences, medical social sciences, health policy and health law, environmental studies, or medical humanities.  

Students may find employment with international health agencies, government agencies and departments of health, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) concerned with health issues, and private business or industry.


Global Health Pre-Med Resources

Are you a Pre-Med Student? Students pursuing their B.A. in Global Health will be able to fulfill their major requirements, as well as their pre-health prerequisites, in the four years it takes to complete the degree with proper planning. Students should utilize Career Services Healthbeat for pre-med advising and preparation.

Your UC San Diego Pre-Med Hub is called HealthBeat! 

More Information can also be found on the Global Health Major page.

Health Beat Resources:


Year What to Do
  • Focus on grades and pre-requisite course work
  • Start researching healthcare and volunteer opportunities 
  • Get to know your professors (i.e. office hours, coffee with a prof)
  • Go to drop-in advising and workshops
  • Continue taking pre-requisites
  • Continue getting to know your professors (find a mentor!)
  • Get involved! Healthcare, service, leadership experience
  • Attend pre-health related workshops
  • Consider research
  • Prepare for standardized test 
  • Continue building professional relationships
  • Continue getting healtcare, service, leadership, research experience
  • Schedule an appointment with an advisor
  • Learn more about the benefits of taking a GAP year
  • Application year! Identify mentors to write your letters of evaluation
  • Take standardized test
  • Work on personal essay 
  • Meet with advisor to evaluate the strength of your application
  • Meet with an advisor at least once/year to make sure you are on track
  • Use your summers to accrue healthcare, service, research, or leadership hours
  • Start building professional relationships early! Finding mentors takes time, but you will need them to write you a strong Letter of Evaluation

Career Services Advising

Schedule a Meeting with Career Services for Career Advising

The Career Services Center strives to help UC San Diego students determine and fulfill their career goals. Throughout your academic career, they are here to help you learn about yourself, develop skills and identify resources to pursue your professional and academic objectives.

Individual Advising - Get career advice and information on topics such as:

  • Choosing or changing your major
  • Planning your job search
  • Finding a job or internship
  • Interviewing & negotiation
  • Utilizing self-assessment tools
  • Deciding on a career
  • Networking effectively
  • Changing career direction
  • Making the most of a job fair
  • Applying to professional & graduate school

Learn more at

Health Related Fellowships & Gap Year Opportunities

Career Resources

When looking for a career in Global Health....


Resources for Searching for Jobs:

Start by thinking about organizations that you are interested in working with and bookmark their career posting pages. Some examples are:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

The CDC has employment opportunities for those not in a science-related field. See the Recruitment page to see what openings are available.

Please note, some jobs may require additional education beyond your undergraduate degree.

Graduate Education in Global Health Resources