Pre-Approved Field Experience Opportunities

The following organizations and special programs have been pre-approved for students to work with to complete their Global Health Field Experience Requirement. Students can choose pre-approved programs listed below and make contact or theu may do their own research and find an experience. For more information about international field experience opportunities, see the International Pre-Approved Field Experience Opportunities page.


Students who would like to participate in a field experience that is not in the pre-approved list must fill out the Field Experience Pre-Approval Request Form online prior to beginning the experience.

UC San Diego

Special Programs

Program Description Application Rounds
Health Frontiers in Tijuana Undergraduate Internship Program (HFiT)

A quarterly internship that affords developmental experiences in public health and healthcare for the underserved. Students accepted into this program will participate in the HFiT binational student run free clinic project located in Tijuana, Mexico, in conjunction with medical and pharmacy students from the University of California San Diego and Universidad Autonoma de Baja California.

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An academic program that provides students of all majors an opportunity to continue their studies while interning in Washington, DC. Internships, relevant to each major, form the backbone of this program. The availability of a 4-unit research seminar that satisfies upper-division course requirements for a number of majors.

Alternative Breaks

National or international service and learning trips that cultivate lifelong socially active and globally conscious leaders through direct service, education, diversity, reflection, investigation of social justice issues, and reorientation.

Community Health Associate

A long-term, non-academic credit bearing service opportunity for students interested in social justice and health. Students focus on topics including immigrant, women’s, indigent, and geriatric health, just to name a few opportunities.

Life Course Scholars (LCS) Program

Offers an interdisciplinary, cross-generational, multi-site learning experience for UCSD undergraduates that will transform their understanding of aging, health, learning & research, as well as connect them more deeply to the “people and places” of surrounding San Diego communities.

Faculty Mentor Program (FMP) FMP offers invaluable research experience to all juniors and seniors, with a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.7, who would like to prepare for graduate or professional school. Fall
Global Health Engagement Program (GHEP) - India or Local Track

CORDUSA at UCSD is a student service organization that plans and implements community-based global health research & projects in India. This program will guide the interests of participants through education on project & research methodology, and allow participants to apply these tools through a local or international engagement.

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Global Seminars

These summer programs are five weeks long, and upon completion, students will receive two course credits for a total of eight quarter units.

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Student Health Advocates (SHA) The SHA Program is a volunteer peer health education program. SHAs are an essential part of the Health Promotion Services and Student Health Services departments where they are trained to educate other students about health issues and concerns through educational workshops, events, and campaigns. Winter
Blum Field Internship Program

Students will examine issues of health, illness and wellbeing at community organizations in the San Diego - Tijuana border region in collaboration with students from interdisciplinary practica on campus who have interests in environmental and urban challenges; engineering and technical problem solving; human rights and social justice; and the role of arts and culture in underserved communities

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Chile Global Health Field School

The program focus is on primary care health centers in underserved and indigenous communities and the role of socioeconomic and political change in determining health outcomes. Instruction will be in English and it will take place in Chile’s capital city Santiago. Students will have the chance to learn and think about the meanings of health and illness, and the organization of medical systems, including private health care and traditional medicine.

Offered in Summer 2016 and 2017 only.

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Mexican Migration Field Research Program (MMFRP)

The MMFRP is a unique opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students who want an in-depth, hands-on research experience focused on international migration.

Pre-Dental Society (PDS)
PDS and Student-Run Free Dental Clinic Project, in partnership with the community, provide accessible, quality healthcare for the underserved in a respectful environment in which students, health professionals, patients, and community members learn from one another. NA
Student-Run Free Clinic Project The UCSD Student-Run Free Clinic Project, in partnership with the community, provides accessible, quality healthcare for the underserved in a respectful environment in which students, health professionals, patients, and community members learn from one another. NA

Student Organizations

Organization Description Opportunities
Refugee Connections

A student organization that works with the refugee population in San Diego with IRC to mentor refugee families and individuals, assists with job and interview skill development, help maintain a roots garden.


StRIVE's mission is to merge peer mentorship with adult community education, fostering independence in students with disabilities in local San Diego schools (accepts quarterly applications).


MEDLIFE students are dedicated to improving life and quality of education, medicine, and community development. The group has been working to bring basic health care services, health education, and community development to urban slums outside of Lima (Peru), as well as rural areas of Cuzco (Peru), Tena (Ecuador) and Riobamba (Ecuador).

Flying Samaritans

Flying Sams run a general medicine clinic in the Chapultepec region near Ensenada. Throughout the year they gather donations, fundraise, and coordinate other activities, all revolving around the operation of our clinic.

International Health Collective

A nonprofit, student-run organization that aims to solve health disparities in Eastern Tijuana and San Diego communities.

Project Nicaragua

This group currently bring students on trips to Nicaragua to give them medical experience in a developing nation, and work on research projects with the government.

Public Health Brigades A student-led organization that empowers under-resourced communities in Honduras to decrease life threatening diseases by improving home infrastructure and providing public health education. International

Research Centers



Community Organizations

General Health

Refugee Health

Local Resettlement Agencies: 

Clinics and Hospitals

Internship Programs

Additional Resources

Finding an Internship

Use the UCSD REAL Portal to search for internship opportunities. If the opportunity is not with a pre-approved site, submit a pre-approval request.

Students can also find internships in PortTriton.

Receiving Credit for an Internship or Research

Please see Special Studies page.

Undergraduate Research Resources

*Trips that will count towards Field Experience hours must contain Global Health content.