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Independent Research (GLBH 199)

Students can earn academic credit for conducting independent research working with a UCSD Faculty Advisor.  The Global Health Program will accept up to two 199 course towards the major.  Submission of an application does not guarantee approval. Deadlines are strictly enforced.

  • GLBH 199 must be taken for a letter grade to count towards Major and Minor Requirements.
  • UCSD Requirements: Must have 2.5 GPA and have completed 90 units. 

To receive major credit for a 199:

  • Students are required to complete a minimum 15 page research paper focusing on an approved topic.
  • After completion of the 199, a formal undergraduate student petition must be submitted along with the final research paper.  
  • Must choose letter grade to receive credit.

The following guidelines must be met in order for the Global Health Program to consider granting course credit:

  • Student must receive academic credit of at least 4 UC upper-division quarter units.
  • Student must write a substantial research paper of at least 15 pages of written work, 1 inch margins, 12 point font (bibliography and charts/graphs NOT included in page count).
  • Student must have a faculty advisor.
  • Student must read scholarly materials and incorporate them into the research paper.

*Field Experience does not have to be credit-bearing to fulfill the Major and Minor Requirement.

*Students who complete their Field Experience for course credit can apply the credit towards their Global Health Major or Minor Electives.  

Application: Special Studies 199 Application for Enrollment


What Faculty can I work with?

Global Health Students can work with Affiliated Faculty of the Global Health Program.

  • Faculty sponsor/instructor must have a UCSD faculty titleIf the mentor is not from UCSD s/he has to be from an appropriately accredited institution.
  • If there is a 199 mentor who is not part of our affiliated faculty that a student would like to work with please submit the following information to ghpadvising@ucsd.edu to get approval.
    • Proposal: Professor title, info, contact, website, reason you would like to work with the professor and would you plan on working on for your 199 experience.

How do I engage with Faculty whose work I am interested in?

  • Identify a faculty member with whom you would like to do research with.
  • Contact the faculty member to inquire about availability and to explain your interest/qualifications.
    • It is recommended that you include information about your eligibility, your academic background, your research experience (if any), and why you are interested in the work being conducted in that particular lab. You may want to include your resume.
  • Once your placement is confirmed, work with the faculty member to solidify your research project and Submit the Special Studies Application.

How do I enroll in GLBH 199?

    • Ask your instructor to review and sign the application.
    • Request department approval, Department will create GLBH 199 course. Student can enroll once form is submitted to the Registrars Office. 

Note: The official university deadline to add classes is Friday of Week 2. Requests to add classes after Week 2 are only considered under extraordinary circumstances and require a petition, appropriate documentation, and approval from the academic department, college, and the Committee of Educational Policy.

Can I enroll in GLBH 199 in the Summer?

The application deadline for Summer 2015 participation is Friday, June 5, 2015. A separate application must be completed for each session in which you intend to receive academic credit.

Summer Session I

Work to be completed between June 29 and August 1

  • 4 units = 120 hours of work; average of 24 hours per week
  • 2 units = 60 hours of work; average of 12 hours per week

Summer Session II

Work to be completed between August 3 and September 5

  • 4 units = 120 hours of work; average of 24 hours per week
  • 2 units = 60 hours of work; average of 12 hours per week

Special Summer Session

Work to be completed between June 29 and September 5

  • 4 units = 120 hours of work; average of 8.6 hours per week
  • 2 units = 60 hours of work; average of 4.3 hours per week

Students may participate in any one Session (I, II or Special) or in both Session I and II. Students may NOT participate in Special Session and Session I or Session II.

*Summer session fees are assessed based on the number of units and number of sessions in which you enroll. For more information on this, please visit Summer Session Tuition and Fees (Blink).