Upper Division Core Courses

ANSC 148 - Cultural Diversity and Global Health

Introduction to global health from the perspective of medical anthropology on disease and illness, cultural conceptions of health, doctor-patient interaction, illness experience, medical science and technology, mental health, infectious disease, and health-care inequalities by ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status.

GLBH 181 - Essentials of Global Health

Course Description: This course will provide an overview of global health as a field of research and practice, with an emphasis on use of surveillance methods to understand health and determinants of health, evidence-based program development and evaluation of programs in the field, and engagement with governments and advocacy groups to elicit evidence-based policy change. Topics of focus will prioritize infectious diseases, maternal child health, substance use and gender-based violence, as case examples of global health research and programmatic approaches. By the end of this course students should have acquired an understanding of the global burden of major diseases and population health concerns, how to understand and intervene upon the determinants of disease and other health concerns, and how to develop and implement monitoring and outcome evaluations for use in low resource settings.

MGT 173 - Project Management in the Health Sciences

This course covers efficient techniques for managing health services projects including both the technical aspects of project management as well as the human capital management issues associated with blending administrative and technical staff with healthcare professionals.  Topics include: scheduling methods, milestone setting, governmental regulations, resource allocation, interpersonal skills, and performing research and development projects - all with a health services focus.

GLBH 150A & B

GLBH 150A & B - Part One & Two are to be completed during Winter and Spring of graduating year.

During senior year- graduating students will participate in a two-quarter seminar open only to Global Health majors. The seminar will provide an opportunity to expand, deepen, and share the insights of your Global Health Field Experience with members of your cohort.

GLBH 150a will consist of intensive reading and discussion in fields related to each student’s primary interest and building on your field experience.

GLBH 150B will be a workshop with critical input from all participants focused on preparing a senior thesis that will provide an important credential for students in the next stage of their careers and as they prepare applications for graduate academic or professional training.

The Horizons of Global Health Conference, A capstone conference in the spring quarter of each year will assemble all Global Health majors and minors and related entities and will feature a guest speaker with a distinguished reputation in global health along with presentations of theses by graduating participants.