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Submit Field Experience Verification

Upon completion of your Global Health Field Experience, you are required to provide the Global Health Advisor with a document verifying that you completed your hours. Once the verification document is received, your degree audit will be updated to show that your field experience is "complete" and a notification will be sent to students through the VAC.

Student may submit no more than 3 letters or verification to complete their 100 hours.

Please submit one of the following documents to verify your hours:

Option 1: Track your hours using the GH Log.

Have your supervisor complete and sign the verification form on the final page (attach log with verification form).

Submit the signed logs to or bring to the Global Health Program Office.

Option 2: Supervisor Submits a Verification Letter or Email 

Once you have completed your hours, you will need to ask your supervisor to send documentation to the Global Health Program Office to verify your hours.

This documentation may be in the form of a letter on official letterhead or official email from your direct supervisor in the program.

The letter or email must include:

1) a short description of your activities and responsibilities
2) the number of hours you completed
3) the begin/end dates of the activity
4) the supervisor's signature, title, and contact information

Please have your supervisor send to

AIP Students

Once a grade has been assigned, obtain the Supervisor Evaluation form via Internlink and send to to verify your hours.

HFIT Students

If you're participating in the Health Frontiers in Tijuana Internship (HFIT):

You don't need to keep a log, two quarters of participation fulfills the 100 hour requirement.

If you're enrolled in GLBH 111 for both quarters, upon completion of the courses and once grades have posted, please send us a message in the VAC letting us know you have completed two quarters.

If you're not enrolled for credit: please have your supervisor submit a letter/email of verification to the Global Health office, details above.

For students who completed a Global Seminar

Upon completion of your pre-approved Global Seminar and once your grade has posted, please send a message in the VAC letting us know you have completed _________ Global Seminar and request to have your field experience requirement shown as complete.

Pre-Approved Study Abroad Programs

This option is to use if you completed a pre-approved Study Abroad Program that has field work built in to the curriculum.

Upon completion of your pre-approved program and once your grade has posted, please send a message in the VAC with the following information:

"I completed the NAME OF PROGRAM to fulfill my Global Health Field Experience Requirement for my MAJOR/MINOR. It is now appearing on my academic transcript, can I please have my field experience requirement shown as complete".


Public Health, Thammasat University Summer Program

Final Step: Reflection

The GHP Advisor will send you a survey (upon verification of completion) to reflect on your field experience. Please share your experience with other students!